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Ariel Wagner-Parker: In the air Agrandir

Ariel Wagner-Parker: In the air

release date: 2010


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ISBN 978-2-87964-116-4

18,00 €

Home is also language: one's mother tongue. (Why are there no "fahter tongues" but more "fatherlands" than "motherlands"?). It is the language you spoke before knowing what language is, the one you know from the inside outwards, the one you count, panic and lose your temper in; it short-circuits thought and you react faster, live more spontaneously; you can distinguish what is "correct" from what is "right"; it's the language you are truly free in, free to run around without considering how to run or being afraid of a fall. it's how you communicate the essential things you have lived through, read or heard that have become part of you.